Pig Out on Pork

Pig Out on Pork

Feast on everything from pork chops to sausage links

Wild hogs make for fine eating. Bring your harvested game to our meat processing facility so we can set you up with tantalizing cuts of fresh pork. Southern Deer Processing, Inc. knows the right techniques to remove the waste products and leave you with the tastiest, tenderest cuts of pork.

When we prepare your pork, we'll smoke the meat and allow delicious flavor to seep into it. There's nothing quite like the taste of smoked pork. You'll be glad you brought your wild game to us.

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Decide how you want your hog processed

We'll give you a sheet to fill out so you can specify the cuts you want. Some people prefer pork chops while others lean toward sausage. No matter what you choose, we'll get your order prepared with care.

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